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Willows and Waves

by Mamalama

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Hazel Tree 05:45
Swim down underneath the world of green hazel your seeds are dropping in the fishes deep Hazel follow me down hazel to rise above Lure you underneath the hazel tree rise above open heart receive this seed Hazel follow me down hazel to rise above
You cannot walk into the same room twice You cannot walk into the same room twice How you gonna change me? Feet in the tide wet and dry where the land takes drink Eyes open wide space and time always receding Particle light waves inside stars are breathing Look in my eyes it's yourself that you're seeing Everything is changing.
Lai, Lai , Lai, Lai , Lai ... It was all a sheet of water Skated around on my feet To the sky there fell a ladder And it's shadow underneath There's nothing really to see here Just a choice of up or down Just to choose if you're in or out or in between If you are silent If you are sound. Lai, Lai , Lai, Lai , Lai ... So I skated around on the water As far as the eye could see Wave after wave kept crashing in But my feet they stayed straight If you only knew how free you were If you only knew how deep If you only knew how free you were You'd close your eyes to see. Lai, Lai , Lai, Lai , Lai ... Rise in my cloud Bring the water down I love you so eagerly. Your in my heart like a little bird Flown out to sea.
Oh love, you're not alone Under the willows Under the waves In the fire where you were forged Stardust and clay they made your name If you ever forget your home Feel how I'm beating in your veins And when all the world grows cold Stardust and clay We are the same. Always waiting Always waiting for you To drop a line To drop a feather To leave me something that's true All it takes is a little lightning to bring me back to you. A little lightning A little flood to bring me back home to you. I can't go where you are. Lift the veil.
Sparkle 05:47
I'm waiting on the other side Come see me in the fireflies I've been here for a long long time Here watching with the GalaxEyes. Dew drops gather in the morning light. Even the grass is listening when we speak.
Lying in my bed thinking how did you find your way in here? Came in through the curtain of a thousand shallow hours Awaiting deep Who are you that comes like this? Lifting up the veil to uncover what's been waiting on the inside Tango del Niebla can we ever sing the voice of this quiet aching? Who are you that comes like this? Only in dreams will we wake To this mess we're in Only in dreams is it safe To lean into this Wanting to love a mistake Oh this mess we're in Only in dreams will we wake To this flood.
Untied 04:52
I'm not afraid afraid of darkness it's you whose afraid of light. How long you've been hiding behind emptiness and pain. Fleeing the light the light of Truth and day fiending control of lives seething with rage You've been building a wall all around burying yourself inside. Come untied. It's not I who's afraid of the darkness See now it's you who won't step into the light. Not your offering. I'm not your puppet string. Nothing to hide as I become untied. Try to pull me in (way down) where I've already been long enough to know there's nothing here. There's nothing here. there's nothing here. there's nothing here.
Felt you like the sun a slowly rising light look how the day is changing into night again I know you'd be so warm My love lies sleeping tucked underneath the leaves been tearing your roots out of me gathering all your seeds Don't make me look into you at all today it's burning out my eyes like I can choose how the waves rise and fall again like trying to change the tide my love lies sleeping only to rouse all this bloodless weeping cover me with cloud The purest love is like that cloud illuminated by the sun. The purest love is born of darkness illuminated by the sun. All I've ever wanted is love.
Iron Roots 02:49


released September 1, 2010

Executive Producer: Digital Dave
Engine-ear'd by: Ted Orr
All songs written and produced by: Elizabeth Clark-Jerez
(except "Iron Roots" written by Charlie Schikowitz)
Orchestrations by: Mamalama
Elizabeth Clark-Jerez: harp/voice/compositions
Charlie Schikowitz: violin/djembe/vocals/guitar
Henry Lowengard: hammered dulcimer/recorder/pianica
Sharon Penz: cello/vocals
Kaefan Shaw: flutes/whistles
Ted Orr: Tablas
Zzoe Rowan: hurdy gurdy
"Thanks to Where all the Music comes from..."

© 2010 All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Mamalama New York

Mamalama is an ever-evolving, uncommon orchestration with song circles written for voice and European/Paraguayan harps, with piano, ethereal voices , traditional Native American/Andean flutes, hammered dulcimer, music boxes, harmonium, octave mandolin, charango and frame drums. ... more

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